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Lola Vira

Is an artist based in Brooklyn

Hey there. I am a Sophomore 2D Animation student at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. I'm working towards starting my own animation studio, and collaborating with incredible people and incredible stories to change the western animation landscape from raunchy comedy shows for to a wider array of genres for new audiences. Past times and hobbies include: filling every waking thought with my original characters doing their little fight scenes in my head, playing with my dog (picture provided below. She's the cutest. Truly.) playing Minecraft with my little brother and watching Foolish Gamers on Twitch.


Selected Clients


SUPA Productions

Susan Paroff

MKS Design

CHRISS Brokerage 

Toon Boom (Advanced)

4 Years Experience

Primary Program

Adobe After Effects

2 Years Experience

I have Access to the Full Adobe Suite


1 Year Experience

Getting the hang of it

Here's my dog Sammy as promised. She is a good girl. She's totally not here to win over your heart. She's just here being cute.

I see you are strong. You have not been swayed. You think you are different? You think you can resist? Have a photo of Sammy and my cat Zoe. They're best friends. Yup. Didn't see that one coming, huh. (and a bonus photo of me and Sammy. She's very huggable.)

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